I just finished reading another book by Alan Roxburgh, Missional Map-Making: Skills For Leading In Time of Transition (affiliate link).

What The Book Is About:

The central premise of this book is that you can’t lead in the same way as before, because we’re living in drastically different times. In the past, and mostly still today, pastors lead based upon a very modernistic framework. It’s an understanding that, if we just know what the problem is, we can figure out the solution. He says, “This longing for absolute clarity reveals just how much the church has been shaped by modernity. Modernity is all about control, clarity, and certainty” (p. 24).

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I just finished reading an interesting article that Mark Driscoll wrote called Navigating the Emerging Church Highway. It’s an interesting critique and analysis of the emerging church movement. From his perspective he divides this movement into four main theological “lanes.”

1. Emerging Evangelicals. Those in this lane will tweak things like worship style or preaching in order to seem more relevant. They won’t be very invested in “social justice” type issues.

2. House Church Evangelicals. In this lane are Christians who believe that the house church is the best way to reach people. In this lane are those such as George Barna, Neil Cole, and Shane Clairborne. He mentions that a common critique of this movement is that they’re filled with disgruntled Christians.

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It’s that time of the month again. Here is the most popular post for the month of November…..

The most popular post is “The Surprising Results I Found When Reviewing a Special Report In Facebook.” If you missed it, this is your chance to find out what that mysterious and surprising thing is ;)

See you next month!

I just heard about this through ChurchCrunch.com. With Ge.tt you can share files of any size quickly with anyone.

I’ve previously been using YouSendIt.com, but that had the limitation of only sending files of less than 100mb. If you wanted to send over 100mb, you had to use their premium service.

With Ge.tt, it simply prompts you to click on the file you want to share. It then uploads it and spits out a shortened link that you can pass along. It couldn’t be easier. You don’t event have to create an account. It’s way easier than sharing files with Dropbox or YouSendit.

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Here’s the central question you need to ask yourself in any area of your life: why?

Why am I blogging?

Why I am working in a particular field?

Why did I start this particular organization?

If you can answer that question, you’re going to have a lot of clarity and momentum to carry you through tough times.  The lack of clarity regarding your purpose will send you in the opposite direction. Let me give you a personal example.

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A few weeks ago I was with my dad as he was considering buying an iPad. The first thing I did upon entering the store was to ask if they had any in stock. Once they told me they had a healthy stash I relaxed and we walked over to take a closer look. Now, if the iPad would have been for me, I would have purchased it quickly, and set everything up at home. I already knew a ton about iPads so I didn’t need any further information.

My Dad was a different story, though. He had quite a few questions. And so instead of interjecting myself into the situation and answering all the questions he had myself, I leaned back and watched the Apple employee do her thing.

First of all, here are some things I observed.

1. She was very patient answering all his questions. My Dad asked about different cases, battery life, and all kinds of other questions. And she actually seemed excited to answer them. It was clear that she was really passionate about Apple products and the iPad.

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Why Thanksgiving Matters

Rodlie Ortiz —  November 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

In the U.S we celebrate Thanksgiving today. It’s a day in which, amongst other things like eating, we give thanks.

There are no gifts that are given. There are not many cards that are promoted for this day. Flowers are not bought. I assume Hallmark and card makers hate this day because they can’t make money from it. It’s just family, friends, food, and thankfulness.

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I’ll admit it. I don’t like to practice my sermons after I write them.

But I do.

I walk through it. I practice. I time myself. I will actually preach through it (in a whisper to save my voice). I go through the introduction several times. I go through transitions, and as I go through it, I make adjustments to words or phrases that I find are not flowing well. I’ve been preaching now for about 7 years and have probably preached a few hundred sermons in my time. So why would I still go through the trouble of practicing every sermon before I preach?

Because it matters and it makes a difference. If I don’t present things clearly, people will be confused, and the message will be diluted. Preaching, of all messages, really matter.

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In this post I wrote about a goal I had made to read one book per week. Let me be clear. I haven’t met that goal. I’m probably doing one book every two weeks, and in some cases, one every three weeks.

This is not ok with me, and it’s not because I have to meet some artificial goal for the sake of meeting it. It’s because I have a lot of books to read for my grad program and they’re piling up.

Since starting this program back in May, I decided to tweak my weekly schedule so that Thursdays would be devoted to reading and catching up on class stuff. But I’ve found that this hasn’t been working out so well. So I’ve been thinking about how I can tweak my schedule a little more to help me accomplish my goals. Here’s what I’m going to try: making reading a standing appointment in my daily schedule. Revolutionary, huh?

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For the month of October I used goo.gl almost exclusively to put it through its paces. Haven’t heard of it? It’s the new url shortener from Google. A couple of years ago several url shorteners began to appear on the market beginning with tinyurl.com and a few others, but fairly recently Google unveiled their own.

Here’s a few observations that I have about it:

1. It’s quick and minimalistic. Here’s a pic below:

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