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In this video I do a walkthrough of the Boldy WordPress theme. It’s what we use for our church website and we’ve been enjoying it. To see the documentation for the theme click here.

*In the video I say that the banner size for the main page should be 970×360. They should actually be 960 x370.

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Our world is filled with pages of books devoted to addressing issues of church growth, discipleship, and conversion. And though it seems that there are more resources then ever before to promote spiritual growth and discipleship, many have wondered (myself included), if people are actually being transformed and changed on a deep level.

What The Book Is About

It’s within this context that Alan Kreider, in his book “The Change Of Conversion and the Origin of Christendom” seeks to go back in history to examine how exactly people were converted, initiated, and baptized. He does this by examining the writings of many of those that were converted and baptized.

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This video has been making its way around the inter-webs. I just saw it today and knew I had to share it with you.

If Jesus were to be born today, this is how things would probably go down…Facebook style.

I think it was quite moving. What about you?

(hat tip to John W for sharing)

I recently received this in the mail.

Looks boring enough, but it’s actually an amazing little iPhone 4 stand and tripod mount from

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When you’re having dinner, do you want to grab your phone and scan your emails, text messages, or social media? Is your smartphone the first thing you reach for in the morning after having a conscious thought? Do you feel like you can’t go too long without “checking” in and connecting on your phone? Guess what….you may have have a smartphone addiction.

In this post I wrote about my own addiction to the internet and information. It’s something I’ve been working on. Specifically, there’s something I’ve been doing to help me in this area. It’s free, and it’s quite simple.

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What Is

Rodlie Ortiz —  December 13, 2010 — 6 Comments

About a week ago I saw the following tweet from Craig Groeschel, the lead pastor at

Intrigued, I, and I’m sure many others replied and asked him if he could share more information. A few days later he shared this interesting post on his blog, giving a little more details regarding their online staff meeting. He spent most of the short post addressing why they had their meeting online (because everyone is so spread out), and sharing the results of the meeting.

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Something really scary happened a few weeks ago. I was trying to tweak something on the back-end of my blog, messing with some of the code, and feeling good. I clicked the update button and that’s when I saw the message that dropped my heart into my stomach. 

It was a white screen that referred to some line of code. I didn’t know what it meant. All I knew was that I could no longer access my blog. If someone typed in all they’d get was a scary-looking white screen.

Fortunately, I was able to get it fixed, but it taught me a really valuable lesson: blogs must be backed up. Let me repeat this, if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you need to figure out a way to back things up.

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I have almost no words. Amazing.

(This is from a recent worship service at North Point Community Church)


I think we’ve all had a secret fear that a drink will be spilled on our laptop and ruin everything. Or perhaps I’m just weird like that. In any case, I decided to finally get a keyboard cover for my Macbook Pro, and  decided to share my thoughts after using it for two days.

Do you use a keyboard cover? Do you think it’s worth it?

I just finished reading another book by Alan Roxburgh, Missional Map-Making: Skills For Leading In Time of Transition (affiliate link).

What The Book Is About:

The central premise of this book is that you can’t lead in the same way as before, because we’re living in drastically different times. In the past, and mostly still today, pastors lead based upon a very modernistic framework. It’s an understanding that, if we just know what the problem is, we can figure out the solution. He says, “This longing for absolute clarity reveals just how much the church has been shaped by modernity. Modernity is all about control, clarity, and certainty” (p. 24).

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