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Rodlie Ortiz —  December 27, 2013 — 22 Comments

I’m in the final stages of writing an ebook and I’d love your help in choosing a cover. You can see the title below. There are two versions that I’m presenting and each of them has a slight tweak if you notice closely. You can also make a recommendation for how it should be tweaked slightly in the comments.

What do you think? Which cover do you prefer? (Vote by clicking below)

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What do you think? Which cover do you prefer? You can also make some recommendations by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!

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22 responses to Help Me Choose A Cover Design

  1. Design on #3 is more striking and simpler to read, IMO.

  2. Design #2. Designs #3 and #4 look dated (laptops are not exactly cutting edge anymore), as does the “ribbon” at the bottom of design #1.

  3. I think the 7/11 styles are best in options 2&3, but I would prefer #2’s 7/11 to be on the red ribbon as it in #1.

  4. I like the style of the text at the bottom of option 2 but I like the extra color at the bottom of option 1 with the red banner.

  5. I voted for #3 here is a few reasons why. The number 1 reason is the red on top captures the attention. The info in the computer in # 3 says something in #4 its just a waste of space and diverts the attention. For me 3 all the way.

  6. For me clarity and simplicity are top values, so I prefer 1 and 2. I think the choice of colors in 3 and 4 is too strong and overpowers the title and author’s name, and it makes reading it more time-consuming. The first two are also more creative in the choice of fonts and how the words are connected. Between the first two, I prefer the second because it took me literally a second to read (it has a vertical design throughout) while the first one took me longer because I had to pause at the ribbon and start reading word by word (horizontally). The emphasis on the detail -which took me 4 seconds to read – detracted from the title. I also like the design of 2 better because it seems more balanced both in symmetry and asymmetry (I think 1 is too symmetric). I don’t think the laptop is outdated, the majority of people use it as a primary work device, so the icon relates to people where they are. I’m sure the laptop could easily be made into a tablet if option 2 is chosen and the change is necessary.
    I imagine this is meant as an easy and quick read, which is suggested well in the first two designs. The heaviness of the color in 3 and 4 may be more appropriate for a heavier read -at least they suggest that to me. Between 3 and 4 I prefer 3, but I still had to read it in sections while I read the second cover in one breath without any interruptions. OK, enough psychoanalysis. :P Congrats and success!

    • Wow. This is great, Adelina. I really appreciate the analysis. I’ll tell you a little secret that I haven’t published here yet: (it seems that most agree with you. #2 was in the lead by about 54% and #3 was in the 20 somethings) Thanks again!

      • No problem! I am afraid I have acquired a predisposition to over-analyze everything. :)) I actually first picked it intuitively and then tried to figure out why (that part was really fun for me). I look forward to see the inside of the book!

  7. I prefer #3….and I look forward to reading the book!
    Mark Luker recently posted..I wonder if Mary knew…..

  8. #2, but I would take the “7 Reasons to Start Now, 11 Tips to Get started” and use the format for the title in #3 or #4. In other words, #2, but with that text in a red box with white numbers and black letters . . .

  9. I like option 2 but would like it better if you had the red block behind the 7 and 11 subtitles at the bottom.

    Happy Sabbath!

  10. I agree that 1&2 are WAY better than 3&4.

  11. Why I chose 2
    – agree that computers are not “cutting edge” any more — options three and four make the computer more central than 1,2.
    – don’t like the ribbon in one.
    – good luck! looking forward to reading your book.
    Israel Ramos recently posted..A LEGACY OF MISSIONARIES

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